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Hello! My name is Dani Scaringe and I am a Los Angeles based, movement animator and illustration artist.  I have always had a passion for dance and visual art and combining the two mediums has allowed me to express myself in a more complex and imaginative way. I have been fortunate enough to collaborate on several music videos, album covers, tattoo designs, and a myriad of illustrations.  I love being able to work together and bring people's visions and dreams to life, taking from something that is real and tangible and creating something that can be seen as bigger than itself. 

I am most inspired by those around me and my personal experiences.  I generally use art as a way process the things I am going through in my day to day life.  I have incredibly talented friends and I often get my best ideas when I am around them, bouncing ideas off each other and letting our creativity run rampant. 

The items I am offering are some of my favorite to create! Here's how it works, first you would send me whatever photo you would like to be drawn, make sure the photo is good quality for the best result! Second, I would draw out the photo in whatever 2 colors you desire! And lastly, I will send you back the photo in either a PNG or a JPG for you to do whatever you'd like with it - print it, frame it, put it on a t-shirt, etc.  It is such a beautiful and intimate gift and I love getting to be a part in it! 

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