Emily Rose Belle - Painter and Mixed Media Artist


My name is Emily Rose Belle, and I am a painter, artist, and creative. I have been painting since I as old enough to stand at an easel, though I lost touch with that part of myself for quite sometime and have only recently reconnected with my inner artist. I paint because it feeds my soul; it feels good, and it is in act of creating joy within my daily life. Painting allows me to express myself through something outside of me, more abstract than words or feelings. At times I feel that the colors lead me, and help me to create things that I don't even know are within me until they've come to fruition o the canvas or page.

Each time I sit down to create, I start by taking a moment of gratitude for my tools. Saying thank you to the brushes and the paints for leading me through the creation process. Oftentimes, I allow the colors to lead my process - starting out with what colors draw m e in and inspire me that day. In my canvas pieces, I often feel intimidated by the blank canvas - so I pick a color and fill the entire frame. My process is very fluid and intuitive - allowing for time between layers, letting the piece converse with me about where it wants to go. I paint until it feels done - if I step back from the piece, let it sit overnight, and come back and it is still calling me, I keep painting. I like to think of it as a dance between the piece and myself, allowing for the  journey to be as important as the finished product.

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