Haley Busch - Photographer


Music is my #1 source of inspiration - im inspired by soft sounds, cinematic sounds, emotive sounds. movie scores + ambient / atmosphere sounds forever. some melodies just click - and when they do, I save that vision and build off that vision and go from there. im also inspired by light - the way it hits, where it hits, how I t hits. I let my subject inspire me, and I build off the moment and how I feel. I let the world around me inspire me, and I let the outside seep into my insides. 

when it comes to my photo process - well, in the time we have together, I think its important to simply cut to the chase, drop in, and connect on a soul level - so we concrete art + conversation on that level, too. when you schedule a mentor session with me, I don't want to talk technical. in our time together, I want to talk about our relationship to creativity. how we, as humans, can harness our creative gifts and share them with the world. we can brainstorm, we can review your portfolio, we can talk about film stocks, or where to begin if you're new to film. we can talk about your goals and dreams and ideas for your business - to me, it's all about empowerment and excitement through creating and conversation.

hi! I'm haley, and I've been professionally documenting life and the world around me for the past five or so years. photography to me is a creative entity - it's a spirit of self-discovery. it's how I share and process the worlds within me, it's how I express what's on my heart, and its how I communicate and connect with my surroundings. I am a firm believer that capturing the small, intimate moments - the in-betweens - is what's most important, and creating and holding a space where my client feels both vulnerable and empowered is what I strive for, every time. I document couples, individuals, and weddings - and I thoroughly enjoy dancing between both mediums, digital & film photography. I love to play with light and movement and feeling.

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