How I Share

I am a believer in ‘One Love,’ cultivating creativity, and promoting positivity and expression. This intrinsic part of me is displayed through my intentional and spiritual work with gemstones. I have intentionally chosen every stone with care and hand-wrapped each piece into a one-of-a-kind, exceptional design. I believe in a holistic approach to life and business. With this notion close to my heart, I make sure I am aware of where each stone has been, and where it is going.

Furthermore, with collaboration dear to my process, I strive to create an inclusive fam and accessible community so that others are inspired by what I do and want to get involved. I am passionate about working with other small businesses and artists who have comparable missions to mine—strong women and men who aspire to affect the world in a positive, synergetic way. 



△ Much love and good vibrations my friends △

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