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My name is Jasmyne Hampton and I started my company ENTENDRE a year ago in Oakland California. I wasn't happy with what I was doing nor what I was pursuing in education and decided to create something I was in control of that also brought me joy and allowed me to be fully creative. I used my knowledge of Biology, botany and chemistry to curate and test all of my products.

I only use cold pressed oils that are infused with different herbs or plants. I hand pick all of the roses I use in my products as well. I truly feel blessed to have found something I really love and enjoy that I can share with you all. 

We came up with the name ENTENDRE because of our love for hip-hop and all the double entendres found within music. All of our products have multiple uses and benefits, so the name fit perfectly. More often than not we see and hear what our skin needs but we don't always listen. Our product names generally just pop into my hear when I'm listening to music alone or I think of something that makes me laugh a little! My biggest inspiration would have to be nature and our beautiful planet. I love to be in nature. Ideally, we start our own greenhouse because I love flowers and the ocean. I wanted to create something that highlighted and kind of honored the natural benefits found everywhere every day on our planet. 

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