Jordan Anderson - Photographer


Hi! I’m Jordan and I have been working professionally as an artist for over eight years now. My artist journey started in the medium of dance - speaking and processing the world around me through movement. I have since worked with photography, falling in love with both film + digital mediums, as well as graphic design. I was born in California, raised by the sea and the sunshine. My heart and soul are fed deeply by these things. I chase the light and always find my way back to the water. 

My inspiration flows freely with the ocean’s tides and the drums deep inherent rhythm. Music and waves feed my soul. As a dancer, music has always inspired my creativity. The feelings that live inside a song, the sadness in a violin, the passion in the stroke of a piano, the soul inside the vibrato of a lyric – I will always come back to music. When I experience a moment, a feeling inspired by music, by tides, by light, I store them away to later write their story through my artistic vision – a photo, a dance, a necklace. It is here that my experience, the lens I see the world through is shared with the world. 

In photography my process is simple. Follow the light. The light that lives in my client’s inner power, the light that lives in the reflection of the world around me, the light that radiates from music, the light that lives on the surface of the water, the light that the sun shares with me, the light that is stored from my life’s experiences…follow the light. When you book a session with me, it ignites a light in me. Creating a safe space for freedom of expression to flow is my main objective. I want to inspire conversation of the soul, to search into the places of your most vulnerable self to find your personal power and to share your light and tell your story though captured moments made tangible and infinite. 

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