Miranda Cox - Reiki Energy Healing


What is Reiki

My name is Miranda. I am an artist and a healer. I do reiki energy healing. I am based out of Orange County, California. I was drawn to energy work since my first reiki session at about ten years old. This really inspired me to dive into the world myself. I believe the body is composed of four main elements; the mental, the physical, the spiritual and the emotional. Reiki has given me the ability to help people in all four elements in their life. I am passionate about helping people and bringing healing to people and this world. 

What inspires me most is hearing someones individual story. I am fascinated by human psychology and the myriad of choices a person has made to get them to where they are in the present moment. Every moment, every choice, all connect to something - somewhere - someone. To this day I still try to wrap my head around how much humans are capable of and how much is beyond our own control. It's a beautiful balance. I am also drawn to our spiritual connection to all that is around us. So much of our journey is a balance of fate and destiny. I get so excited about the endless possibilities that life has to offer us. When I listen inward, I heard nature calling beyond my own comprehension.

'"Rei" means universal or including all. "ki" refers to to the life force that permeates all living things. Because Reiki is vital, universal life energy, it is totally harmonious with all belief systems. This energetic form of healing can bring a person to wholeness by integrating the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.'


- patricia bankins

What can you expect from a virtual Reiki Session

Depending on distance, a client can either set up a virtual reiki session or an in-person session. A typical session is an hour long. I guide you through a body scan into a meditation. Then, you will rest for about twenty minutes and it is here that I began the healing process. It is amazing to me how much healing energy work can be done through technologyl. I have worked with many clients this way, all of whom have had beautiful and tangible shifts in energy. After the healing process is complete and I have received all of the messages I need to relay back to you, I slowly wake you up and we chat about hte session. In the past, clients have reported to feel a lot during the session, and some wake up just feeling relaxed. We then talk through each chakra where blockages have been cleared and the messages that relate to that energy center of the body. Many of the messages relate to clients in the present day and the future. After we finish the session, I will type out your messages and send you a pdf to your e-mail as well as a printed version in the mail if you'd like one. I usually checkj-in with the client a week after to see how they are doing and how the session ahs helped them in any way. Many times, a client may need more than one session if there is a lot of emoitonal termoil to work through. In no way am I a doctor and you should always see your physical for any personal needs beyond my abilities. 

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