Piece #2 - ORIGINAL

Size: 10"x10" 

Details: Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, unframed

***If using the mockup below, please credit Anthony Boyd for mockup design


Each time I sit down to create, I start by taking a moment of gratitude for my tools. Saying thank you to the brushes and the paints for leading me through the creation process. Oftentimes, I allow the colors to lead my process - starting out with what colors draw me in and inspire me that day. In my canvas pieces, I often feel intimidated by the blank canvas - so I pick a color and fill the entire frame. My process is very fluid and intuitive - allowing for time between layers, letting the piece converse with me about where it wants to go. I paint until it feels done - if I step back from the piece, let it sit overnight, and come back and it is still calling to me, I keep painting. I like to think of it as a dance between the piece and myself, allowing for the journey to be as important as the finished product.

Original Mixed-Media Paintings by Artist Emily Rose Belle

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