13x13 inches 


The process is very simple but also so satisfying. No one painting is the same, even when I use the same materials or method, each painting takes its own shape. I use a mixture of acrylic paint, plaster, stucco, chalk powder, clay powder, and wheat paste to create my medium. After I pour, I just play with it until it takes its desired form. Perspective is huge in my process. Take a closer look to find all of the hidden detail in these one-of-a-kind paintings. Each painting is unique and true to my inspiration.


I also need to mention the frame! After I finish a painting, I bring it to my cousin-in-law, Mark Jackson, who is amazing at woodwork. The custom framing really ties it all together and I love that we can create together as family. 

Original Stucco Style Painting with Custom Frame work byArtist Ryann Lewin

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