Hi! I'm Miranda Cox and I am a certified reiki healer.


A typical session with me is an hour long. I will guide you through a full body scan into a deep meditation. Leaving you wrapped in a beautiful and comforting white light for around twenty minutes. It is here that I start the healing process. I am overwhelmed by the fact that distance is not an issue. It has been amazing to see how much energy and healing takes place during a virtual session. After about 20 minutes, I slowing guide you out of your meditation and we will talk through each chakra where blockages may have been held or cleared, as well as the messages that relate to that part of the body.


It is beautiful to feel the many messages that relate to clients in the present day and the future. Healing comes in all different forms, and I am simply here as a vessle to be a guide through your healing journey. I am deeply inspired by the healing that I have seen in my reiki journey. 


After we finish our session, I will type out your messages and send a pdf to your e- mail and a printed version in the mail if you’d like one. I typically check-in with the client a week after to see how they are doing and how the session has helped them in any way. Many times, a client may need more than one session if there is a lot of emotional turmoil to work through.


In no way am I a doctor and you should always see your physician for any personal needs beyond my abilities.


Reiki session - 1 hour

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