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The wholistic world of healing has aways inspired me. Again, I am by no means an expert on the subject, and I am not claiming any medicinal information here. I simply have been taking a wholistic approach to my health for years and want to share my research, experience and findings with you all! 

I have worked with a lot of different powerful women in this process to create a life I love living. 

I would love to open up a platform to communicate about wholistic health, and I am adding more information all the time! Do not hesitate to reach out through the contact button, or use the chat feature! I am always responding to questions and comments! 


Self Care


The head, where our crown and third eye chakra reside is a center point for desired balance. I have listed a few things here that help with clarity, focus, and health of the head. 

Rosemary Tea

Good for healing of the head

Soothes Migraines stimulates memory 

Fresh or dried herb

(1/2 the amount if you are using dry)

Hot Wate

Basil Tea

uplifts the mood and assists in memory, concentration, anxiety and stress.

It helps to absorb nutrients which is amazing for gut health as well.


Fresh Chopped Basil

(1/2 the amount if it is dry)

Hot water

For some basil tea to sip on throughout the day. 


The throat is the center for communication. The importance of balance here is essential! I have listed a few household items that help put the throat chakra in balance. 

Black Pepper

Assists in relieving congestion asthma bronchitis and sore throats. Often used to support the clearance of cold and flu.

2tsp ground black pepper

1 cup raw honey

Raw garlic

is a known anti viral and a huge supporter of the immune system is and natural sore throat reliever

2 cloves crushed raw garlic


Golden Honey "liquid gold" is a natural anti-biotic

2oz Black seed oil

1tsp Cinnamon

1tsp Turmeric

2oz Oil of Oregano

1tsp Black Pepper

Raw Honey, enough to dilute the taste :)



In a time where respiratory health is in such focus, let's work with Mother Nature in a symbiotic way to keep ourselves healthy, to strengthen, heal and protect or bodies!

*** All recipes are suggestions, work with what you got! Just start steaming :) 

Here is one of my favorite recipes given to me by my beautiful sister Taylor who is studying herbology and is a magical beautiful woman. 

Grab a large pot and its lid

fill the pot 3/4 of the way with water




Bay leaf



Cinnamon stick

Eucalyptus Essential oil

I like to zest these citrus fruits, and peel them a bit, but you can also just slice them up, and throw them in the pot. Place the Bay Leaf and the Cinnamon Stick into the mixture, one or two depending on how large the pot is, this is not exact science here, feel it out and practice strengthening your intuition. The Essential oils however, with this it is important not to use too much. I like to put 10 or so drops into the mixture, I use a pretty big pot, between 4-10  is good. 

Cover your pot, turn on medium heat and then bring to a simmer, letting it gather up all of the steam. 

Then life the lid, inhale and enjoy! 

This steam penetrates the lungs and is full of detoxifying and healing particles. Anti viral properties and deep healing happen when the steam is inhaled. 

You can leave the pot on the stove all day turning it on and inhaling throughout the day. 

And it also smells delicious


The gut is where most of the bodies nutrients are absorbed. Experiencing any form of un-balance here can affect the rest of the body + mind. Here I have listed a few things to help restore and continue balance in this area. 

Fennel Tea

Ease naseau, support digestion, relax the gastro intestinal tract to relieve tension in the gut 

*caution! If you are sensitive to plants in the parsley family, be careful and start out with a small cup of tea.


Fennel seeds

Hot water

Orange Peel Tea

Strengthens digestive functions. It stimulates healthy digestion by removing phlegm from both the digestive and respiratory tracts. High in Vitamin C and enhances Immune function as well as fighting colds and flu.

Use fresh or dried

(1/2 if dried)

Hot Water 

*** Use caution when taking prescription drugs that metabolize, CYP3A4​

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