Ryann Lewin - Original Stucco Style Paintings


I have created three exclusive pieces specifically for the Holiday Artists Market.

Most of the time I work solely with custom orders. I love to fill a clients space with something that is made intentionally for their space. 

Wall Art

My name is Ryann! I'm a young mom based in Costa Mesa, California. I started painting again as a way to give myself some "me" time. I've always been a creator but once I had children it took a back seat. Getting into the flow of my creative process again has been so amazing! 

Honestly, walls inspire me. It sounds silly, but the texture of a wall, the history it shows, the story it tells,  is so beautiful to me. Architecture as a whole is a huge inspiration as well. A seemingly simplistic moment can hold such incredible detail and beauty, evoking a feeling, a memory, a thought. All of the photos I have saved on my Instagram are all buildings, homes, walls, rooms...their stories, or the stories I make up about them captivate me.

The process is very simple and satisfying. No one painting is the same, even when I use the same materials or method, each painting takes its own shape. I use a mixture of acrylic paint, plaster, stucco, chalk powder, clay powder, and wheat paste to create my medium. After I pour, I just play with it until it takes its desired form. Perspective is huge in my process. I like to hide beautiful patterns and close up detail that the viewer can only see when looking for it. Each detail in the painting is unique, and has its own story to tell.


I also need to mention the frames! After I finish a painting, I bring it to my cousin-in-law, Mark Jackson, who is amazing at woodworking. The custom framing really ties it all together. I love that we can create together as a family.

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