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Tarot with Tarryn


Owner of my new baby business, Tarot with Tarryn. I have been learning, practicing, and reading tarot since 2014. My intention with creating a professional tarot practice is to offer people that same guidance and support it has given me all these years.

"As I shuffle the cards and chat with the client for a bit in the beginning of the session, I preface with my style of reading, and that tarot will always give you the messages that you need -- whether the cards validate something the client already knew or brings about new information -- tarot is meant to serve as medicine."

A few people I have to give credit to for their significant impact. First, to my mom for always motivating and encouraging me to take the leap. I'd also like to recognize Lindsay Mack, Jeff Hinshaw and Bakara Wintner for their wisdom, and inspiration. I have a lot of respect for their ability to articulate and interpret each card in the way that they do -- I truly value the knowledge they share around their approach with the tarot -- all three of them are major influences on the ways in which I read tarot. 

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