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I decided to put this Holiday Artists Market together because I noticed a huge lack in support for the arts. Now, this is not new, but it was loud during the pandemic. As an artist and creator in New York City, I saw small businesses and artists communities, close rapidly, displacing a lot of artists, performers and small businesses. This broke my heart! ​I wanted to use whatever platform I had to help! Shopping small is a way to support your local communities. 

I am deeply passionate about ART and its importance in our lives and in society as a whole. Art is the universal language of the soul.


What better way to bring people together than supporting something that speaks to us all. I am inspired by giving power to the people. So, I gathered together these amazing female artists, small businesses and creators to make it easy to shop small and support artists during this commercial heavy, spending madness of the  Holiday Season! I know it means the world to each and every woman in this Market to share some of their soul with you. 

How amazing is the gift of Healing! We have a reiki certified energy healer among us! I can say from personal experience that having an individual spend an hour of their time, their intentional energy, their practice, on ME really made me feel special, and in touch with myself again. It softened me, illuminated things going on in my life and got me in tough with my truth. Treat yourself and a friend to an experience this year!

In the same realm of healing, we also have Tarot Readings and Gemstone jewelry. What an amazing little package to send someone this Holiday Season. Alignment, balance, intuition, power, trust, love, truth! Show love and share healing with your friends, your family and yourself!

We also have incredible vegan, all natural, organic, sustainably made face + body products! Rest easy knowing that you are getting the best! Scroll down to meet the artists and find out more about their process and inspiration!

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We have so much power as individuals to choose where our energy flows and what we show importance to. 

Shopping small allows you to give power to the people. Not only are you supporting art itself, but you are supporting an individuals career!

Keeping small business alive is vital to the character and the individuality of our communities.


Supporting small business gives you unique and personal items. Someone's heart and soul goes into creating these pieces. Each part of the process is made with inspiration, passion, dedication and care. You get to know exactly who is making your products and smile knowing your purchase makes someones day!

We have artists from Portland, NYC, Oakland, Laguna Beach, and SF ready to bring you some amazing gifts your way this holiday season!

Meet the Artists

Every purchase supports a female artist and small business

Everything on the store will only be available through January 3, 2020

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