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Who I Am

My name is Jordan Anderson and I am an artist currently engaging in projects in New York City and internationally. As a dancer, I am versed in many movement languages that I use to communicate, include, and express. I have an inherent appreciation for nature, I would spend all of my time in the ocean if I could. I created this brand in order to inspire positivity and expression, but even more so to create a life that I love living. To create a world that aligns with my desires. A beautiful coexistence with Mother Earth. This is why all Gems by Jordan pieces are hand-selected ethically sourced materials designed uniquely and specially for you.

As a multi-medium artist, I enjoy the process of creation to foster love, happiness, and genuine human connection.  I strive to empower creative, intentional and critical thinking about what it means to be truly connected—mind, body and soul. By infusing my love for dance with my passion for creative contact and hands-on inventions, I feel incredible fulfillment in handcrafting jewelry that highlights the gorgeous gemstones and prolific pieces the Earth has carefully formed for us.

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