Why I


My mission through Gems by Jordan is to radiate peace and inspire creativity, balance and clarity while emphasizing the alluring wisdom of Mother Earth and her commodities. Such beautiful value lives within her gift of crystals, gemstones and minerals; each unique piece affirming good vibrations and positive healing energy. Cleansed by the light of the moon and the water of the sea, I've wrapped little pieces of my heart with love to share my passion and inspiration with you.

I am open and dedicated to absorbing more knowledge of authentic crystal healing and crystal energy properties. For every gemstone I find a home for, I continue to be devoted to tracking their origins to properly accredit the journey of these precious offerings. It is important to continuously stimulate a stone’s vitality before finding it a new home. These pieces help align the chakras in the most exquisite way, individually tailored to enliven effervescence and permeate your beautiful lives with comfort and contentment.

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